Farewell, my old friend

Today, 25/11/2009, she goes far far away, and never comes back.

moto_0154.jpg picture by michellenhm

She became my friend when I was grade 5, until now I am a 23 year-old adult. Such a long time. She witnessed my growth process, my happiness and sadness… and she did bring me happiness and sadness sometimes… so many events in my life and family with her presence. She has been attached to the family so many years, still faithful, still happy. Till death do us apart, huh? Yeah, now we are apart, because Death God has just taken her away. (oh, there is Death God for animal, according to the manga Akazukin ChaCha).

It’s just life. Everyone has to die in one day, including me. She had so many many children, she lived a happy life, she is aging, she is old. And now she is gone. It’s just life.

She is not my first dog. Before she comes to the family, there were two other Japanese white dogs. But they died very young. Then my brother and sister bring her home, and names her Lucky, hoping that she will be lucky and does not die young as the two before. At first glance, I don’t like her. I only like white dogs as the previous ones. Still, we easily become close friend, and I do really love her. She is intelligent, playful, naughty, and fierce. She bites me twice, bites so hard that I bleed and have to go for immunized. But we are still friends anyway.

Then, my sister bring home another male dog, means to be Lucky’s husband, named Happy. Lucky and Happy, what good names. Happy is a gentle male dog, and always gets bullied by Lucky. When Lucky has children, Happy runs away from home, and can’t find him after that.   

From the day she bears puppies, she becomes ignorant of people. She doesn’t like to follow me anymore. Whenever I call her to come, she just ignores me. It seems she wants to be alone, be far from me. She is just like an adult that doesn’t want to play with other children (at the time, she is adult as a dog, and I’m still a child as human). She like to follow my sister who is much more mature than me. At the same time, her children love me, and I love them too. So I also do not pay much attention to her.

Time pass, she bears much more puppies. She is very protective of her children. But my family can’t keep them all. The puppies have to be given away. Everytime she loses her puppies, she is very sad, and happy again after a few days.

And time pass… pass… she is still ignorant, not only of me, but also everyone. However, she is healthy, and wise, and always do good jobs as a dog (bark at strangers, catch mice…). So no one is worried about her. But it doesn’t mean we don’t love her. Just that… she wants to be alone, then just leave her alone…

Until these days, she becomes weaker. She is slow, but she still eats, and we think she is not bad. Yesterday morning, she looks healthy, though still slow. But after eating a little, later, she turns bad. She looks very sick and painful. I and my mother immediately take her to the vet. The vet says she has a slight fever (which I feel suspicous, because the morning she’s still lively). She gets injected. Go home, she’s still weak, but doesn’t seem painful as earlier. The whole day she does not eat. At night, she consumes a little bit milk and looks better. I do think today she will be better. Really, didn’t expect she is gone the very next day.

Well, it’s just life.

Who knows when we or people around us will die. So many people out there are deceasing, so many animals are killed or die of old age or diseases. Well, its’ just life.

When I watched the movie Marley and me, and when Marley felt sick and died, I did cry. And when it comes to my dog, I also do cry, and cry much more. It’s painful to lose something that is so familiar everyday, someone that attach to me for so long time. I keep reminding myself: it’s just life, it can’t be helped, but I still can’t hold back. I have to cry.

Farewell, my lifelong friend and companion.  



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